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OPS Automation Services 

  • PLC Programming-PLC's must be programmed for the specific functions required for each system/project, and may also serve as data concentrators, gateways to other equipment, or perform specific safety functions. OPS provides programming services for multiple hardware platforms.

  • HMI Application Development- HMI's are typically built to interface with the PLCs at the facility but may also communicate with other networked equipment. OPS provides the services to develop these HMI applications.

  • Flow Computer Configuration-  Although flow computers serve a specific purpose, they must still be configured and installed per the requirements of each installation. OPS can provide flow computer configurations per the project specifications.

  • Control System Training- Each facility and project may be unique. Likewise, any operations team’s skill set may also be unique. OPS can provide the training materials and host training sessions specific to a given facility's operations and technical control system troubleshooting needs.

  • PLC/Control Panel Design- PLC's are typically located within industrial rated enclosures and designed to customer specifications and standards.  OPS provides panel design services, typically resulting in the delivery of a set of drawings that can be “issued for construction” to panel fabricators.

  • Commissioning- OPS provides on-site commissioning services for the validation of all software, applications, and configurations developed, supporting point-to-point verification with any remotely controlled SCADA systems.

  • Control System Documentation- All control systems can be complicated, but basic documentation is very typical to provide with any new control system installation or any major updates to existing systems. I/O Lists, Cause and Effects Diagrams(C&Es), Control Narratives, and SCADA point lists (communications maps) are typically provided for each project. OPS provides the services for the development of this documentation, typically as a part of a larger development effort.

  • Control System Troubleshooting/Support- Many control systems operate reliably for years after initial installation, but at times issues do arise requiring someone with control systems expertise to troubleshoot the issues. OPS provides the services, either on-site or remotely, to assist operators in troubleshooting their control system infrastructure.

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